non invasive transcutaneous hyperbilirubinemia analyzer.

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BILITEST - is a portable fully automatic measurement device, intended for objective evaluation of hyperbilirubinemia level in newborns using non-invasive transcutaneous method.

Transcutaneous bilirubinometry is a screening method for revealing a group with risks of heavy hyperbilirubinemia progress. Members of this group of risks are to be exposed to further direct measurement of bilirubin, typically with the help of reagentless microanalyser for total blood bilirubin BILIMET C. Use of other laboratory techniques is also available.
Use of BILTEST allows reducing the number of newborns subjected to blood collection for laboratory investigations. BILITEST permits thoroug
h control and monitoring in newborns for the jaundice progress and for the efficiency of a treatment course.

Commonly in newborns bilirubin determination is performed on a forehead near nose or on the upper part of the breast. Only a slight touch of a mobile measuring head to a baby’s derma is needed for measuring. The result is given in international units for transcutaneous bilirubin index (TBI). This index has a high correlation degree with plasma bilirubin concentration (0,92).
Power is supplied by 3 AA batteries, the lifetime of a single battery set exceeds 100,000 measuring cycles. No turning on/of is needed as BILITEST is continuously in standby power-saving mode. Measuring cycle takes no more than 1-2 sec. The cycle starts automatically on touching baby's derma with a sensitive mobile head. Next measures can be done in each 5 seconds with automatic erasing of the previous readings. Measurement range is 2-50 units TBI (20-500 micromol/l), photometric accuracy - 10%.
Dimensions - 65x135x35 mm, weight - 150 gr.