handy and compact programmable biochemical analyzer

The programmable biochemical analyzer BiAn is the improved version of the preceding model MINILAB 502. Six built-in automatically changed interference filters 340,405,492,540,580,620 nm with 10 nm half bandpass allow BiAn to measure a diversity of biochemical blood parameters by either endpoint or kinetic analysis. The measurements can be done both in monochromatic mode and in bichromatic mode. Measurement range exceeds 3 Absorbance Units, photometric accuracy - 1%.

BiAn contains built-in thermostat (37ºC) with two cells for preliminary incubation. The photometers are supplied with the programs for making most widely-used tests. Biochemical tests can be added or modified by means of simple and convenient programming mode. Besides that the analyzer has other possibilities: automatically calculates and indicates results on two-string LCD; displays dialogue phrases and service information; stores calibration curves and up to 100 results from last series of measurements in memory of the device. Analysis results can be printed with portable printer (it is supplied by special order) directly after measurement. The printer and the analyzer are communicated using IR line and do not need cable connection. BiAn uses optical cuvettes of a quartz glass or plastic with optical length 5 and 10 mm or borosilicate cylindrical test tubes of 10 mm round. Minimum volume of solution is 1 ml or 0.5 ml (for cuvettes with optical length 5 mm).
Power supply built-in, 220 V/ 50 Hz. Dimensions - 290x230x70 mm, weight - 4 kg.