reagentless microanalyser for total bilirubin in blood of new-born.

Use of BILIMET C greatly reduces trauma risks in new-borns, because only 40 ml of capillary (or venous) blood is required for the measurement. There is neither in batchmeters nor reagent needed.

BILIMET C determines the difference in optical density of blood plasma on two wavelengths and automatically computes bilirubin concentration. Measurement range is from 20 to 500 mmol/litre, accuracy is 5%. Blood is taken into heparinised glass capillary tube. After 5 min of blood separation on centrifuge, the capillary with plasma is put to pullout carriage.

The carriage is being avtomatically closed after pressing control button. During carriage closing, the automatic tuning of optical-electronic parameters is made (auto calibration). At the end of movement of a carriage the measurement of the bilirubin concentration is made, the result is displayed and the carriage automatically opens delivers a capillary outside. The result can be printed on the printer. Serviceability of the device is being verified automa-tically by means of internal glass checker while the carriage is closing. The properties of glass samples are stable for many years. Any traditional maintenance - periodic control using liquid calibrator solutions with limited time of the validity - are not necessary.

Dimensions - 195x105x70 mm; the weight - 0,8 kg; power supply - 220 V/ 50 Hz (through the adapter).

BILIMET C requires the blood plasma for the measurement. The centrifuge is designed for making blood plasma in a glass capillary. Length of a capillary is 45 mm, external diameter is 1,6 mm. The rotor has 6 slots for capillary containers. Containers are for standard sanitary cleaning in case of capillary breakage. Blood processing lasts 5 minutes at 3000 rotations per minute. The centrifuge rotor is protected by transparent cover. The device is controlled by one small switch.
Dimensions - 195x105x70 mm; the weight - 1 kg; power supply - 220 V/ 50 Hz (through the adapter).


BILIMET C submits data in a three-digit decimal code on the liquid crystal display, however at desire it is possible to use the printer. The analyzer and printer have optical infra-red connection and no cable for their connection is not required. The print of result start at the command of the button on the analyzer. Printing on thermo-paper of width 57 mm.
Dimensions - 240x105x70 mm; the weight - 1 kg; power supply - 220 V/ 50 Hz (through the adapter).