From Space to Medicine:

17 years of constructive labour

Joint-stock company Technomedica - the company for medicine laboratory devices development - was founded more than 17 years ago.

The base of Technomedica's developer team was formed by the graduates from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (PhysTech). All our specialists achieved a great success as Soviet space-science industry developers.
The PhysTech's creative traditions multiplied by the great experience in the realization of scientific ideas into a hardware allowed us to create a full line of laboratory devices that were highly appreciated by clinical lab practitioners not only in Russia, but all over the world.
Today our products are well known in 50 countries including the Great Britain, Norway, USA, Mexica, Italy, India, Egypt, Iran, Sweden, South African Republic, Malaysia, Pakistan, Cambodia, Kenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and many others.
In all Technomedica put on the market 23500 medical laboratory devices, 4000 devices were exported.

According to Technomedica deserts in the modern medical device development, the Russian Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defense rewarded Technomedica many times by including it to the list of the enterprises that produce goods for the state needs. Our company participated in supplying of some Russian State Federal Programs, including «Children of the Chernobyl», «Children of the North», Russian priority national project «Health» (2006-2007 years).
Because of project «Health» 4200 russian laboratories got Technomedica's equipment.

Technomedica partners extensively with researchers and practitioners from the famous Russian medical centers: the Research Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, the Scientific Research Institution for Pediatrics and Child Surgery of the Russian Ministry of Health, the National Research Center for Hematology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, the Russian State Medical University and many others. The outcome of this scientific research had been published in 25 original papers and 11 patents.

In recent years our activity was primary focused on development of analytical equipment for neonathology and clinical laboratory. The transcutaneous hyperbilirubinemia analyzer «BILITEST» and the reagentless newborn capillary blood bilirubin microanalyser «BILIMET » developed by Technomedica allowed to introduce into the neonathology practice the contemporary methods for monitoring of such a threatening disease as hyperbilirubinemia.

A particular place among Tecnomedica's products is occupied by a well known in Russia hemoglobinometer «MiniHEM». It is the first product from our new generation of photometry devices based on the up-to-day integrated circuit components. The «MiniHEM» has an integrated feature of autocalibration that provides high accuracy, reproducibility and extreme usebility of the device. A modification of hemoglobinometer, «MiniHEM 523», is an original development of our company. The «MiniHEM 523» fastens hemoglobin determination procedure many times giving the same accuracy and reproducibility as traditional hemoglobin analysers.

In 2003 the development of one of our new product lines was finished. One of our new products, «BILITEST 2000», represents a new generation of noninvasive bilirubinometers. In contrast to a previous modification, «BILITEST 2000» is suitable providing measurements among newborns with any skin color.

Other Technomedica's products are combined into one product line called «MICROLA». «MICROLA» is intended for the vast array of laboratory investigations. The «MICROLA» line includes the following devices: end-point biochemical laboratory microphotometer «MICROLA»; «BELUR 600», which allows measuring the concentration of total protein in urine by various photometrical method; «MiniHEM+», which allows measuring the hemoglobin concentration by hemiglobincyanid end hemichrom methods.

Third line includes handy and compact semiautomatic kinetic biochemical analyzer «BiAn», portable semiautomatic kinetic biochemical analyzer «microBiAn».

Fourth line is the series of coagulometers «EMCO», which includes analyzers with two and four independent measuring channels.

Technomedica has always been enthusiastic in its response to advances in new technology, including information technologies. As far back as the 1995 year Technomedica had established the - the Russian site for the specialists of the medical laboratories.