BELUR-600 urine analyser
portable photometric analyzer for total urine protein

Portable analyzer allows measuring the concentration of total protein in urine by photometrical method. The instrument is handy and does not require special staff training. Small size and autonomous power source provide this device a wide range of application, including ambulance, small laboratories of regional and village hospitals and polyclinics.
Measurement range of concentration is from 0.01 to 1 g/l. Solutions of greater concentration require an additional dilution. Accuracy at the beginning of range is 0.005 g/l. Probe is prepared using pyrogallol red dye, sulphosalicylic acid and other intended for photometry at 600 nm. Calibration performs automatically using calibration probe. Analyzer is designed for use of optical glass or plastic rectangular 10 mm cuvettes. Time of one measurement is less than 2 seconds.

The case of analyzer is made of light chemically proof plastic. The face panel is covered by sanitary treatable wearproof film. The LCD indicates data in a three-digit decimal code.
Careful manual compliance and periodic care of optical surfaces provide long-term faultless operation of the device.
Power supply can be provided by 3 AA size batteries, as well as 220 V AC/5 V DC adapter.
Dimensions are 180x130x40 mm, weight is less than 400 g.